Fotky EAH :33

11. října 2014 v 19:11 | ♥Nicole Monster♥ |  EAH Dolls Photos
Jsou boží :)
Fotka: "There's something I would like to know - Which Ever After High doll (from any collection out so far) has your favorite fashion? Let me know or it'll be OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!" - Lizzie Hearts™ #EverAfterHigh #EAH
Fotka: "Even though all four of us want to win the crown for Ever After High's Thronecoming™ Queen, we are having lots of fun with the experience! Raven Queen™, Apple White™, C.A. Cupid™ and I have been rehearsing our entrance to the Thronecoming™ dance and everything is looking Just Right! Can't wait for the big day! Are you hexcited? I am!" - Blondie Lockes™ #EverAfterHigh #EAH #selfie
Fotka: "Being nominated for Thronecoming™ Queen and also being the Royal Student Council President is fairy hexhausting - Thankfully I have my sweet friend Madeline Hatter™ as my co-president - She's been helping me decorate and make sure everything looks its fairest in time for the Thronecoming™ dance!"- Apple White™ #EverAfterHigh #EAH
Fotka: "Thronecoming™ is coming soon, so Lizzie Hearts™ came over to my dorm room for some fashion advice for the dance - She says she wants to impress a special boy, but no word on who he is...Time to live it up and dance the night away, can't wait!" - Briar Beauty™ #EverAfterHigh #EAH
Fotka: Ashlynn Ella™ and Hunter Huntsman™ can't wait for you to watch the 'Ever After High: Thronecoming™' special - What about you? #EverAfterHigh #EAH
Fotka: "Cedar Wood™ and I were bored in our dorm room, so we decided to go and see how the Thronecoming™ decorations are going, and I have to say; they are doing a fableous job!" - Cerise Hood™ #EverAfterHigh #EAH
Fotka: "Thronecoming™ will be a Happily Ever Awesome time! What are you most hexcited to see?" - C.A. Cupid™
Fotka: "Are you ready for a fableous adventure? My sister Holly and I are! The Thronecoming™ special will release fairy soon!" - Poppy O'Hair™ #EverAfterHigh #EAH


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1 Dracul Dracul | 11. října 2014 v 19:45 | Reagovat

To je překrásné :-D

2 Clawynka♥ Clawynka♥ | E-mail | Web | 12. října 2014 v 12:29 | Reagovat

Krásné! :-D

3 lauramonsterever lauramonsterever | 12. října 2014 v 14:05 | Reagovat

???  ???

4 lauramonsterever lauramonsterever | 12. října 2014 v 14:05 | Reagovat

nemám slov

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